PI Becoming a PI Practitioner

In this two day PI Practitioner program (9am-4pm), receive the tools and insights you need to develop increased self-awareness and a thorough understanding of what motivates your day-to-day behaviors. You will better understand your co-workers and celebrate differences and appreciate the drives involved in a number of critical workplace behaviors. Then, learn the tools needed to understand a leaders day-to-day behavior and the behavior of those that report to them.  Secure a grasp on individual management and communication style so that you can help leaders identify best ways to communicate with others, including direct reports.  The afternoon of day 1 features a management scorecard and a detailed action plan to enhance workplace communication and productivity.  Participants gain scientific insights into how each team member communicates, delegates, problem solves, makes decisions, responds to pressure, adapts to change, takes action / ownership, listens / influences, and takes risk. Finally, leverage the Require, Hire, Inspire™ framework that takes into account your organizational business plans to achieve business results.  Accurately define the true requirements of specific roles, be able to hire top performers who naturally have what it takes to deliver on your business plan, and keep them engaged and inspired through the use of PI across the entire employee life cycle.
  • Have you hired individuals for what they know and terminate them because of who they are?
  • Is someone’s workplace behavior causing communication and teambuilding issues?
  • Are sales slumping or not meeting revenue projections?
  • Are some employees floundering and not focused?
  • Are new hires falling short on performance goals?
  • Does it take some teams longer to become cohesive?
  • Do some leaders never delegate and others delegate everything?
  • Are there engagement gaps for some employees?
  • Do you have some employees that are “stressed”
  • Are you fearful high performing employees may leave?
  • Is your onboarding one size fits all?


Solve these perplexing issues and much more:  Utilize Predictive Index software and BECOME A PI PRACTITIONER!  Decode the human element within your organization and unlock the potential of everyone. Employers Group’s 2-day PI Practitioner training coupled with PI software maximizes your efforts in hiring, onboarding, developing others, engaging employees, retaining talent, identifying high potentials, increasing sales, succession planning, and much more.  The in-depth PI Practitioner training is specifically geared to those who will be administering PI within an organization.  If you are an Employers Group PI Client, review our entire PI Suite of training modules

12/16/2019 9:00 AM - 12/17/2019 4:00 PM
400 Continental Blvd, Suite 300 El Segundo 90245

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